Community MAP

A number of folks are actively working in the overlapping arenas of nonprofit social entrepreneurship, elearning, learning games, and web2.0 tools.  As I have been discovering this Community, I felt I wanted a MAP.  So I could see who we are, and how we are connected.  Such a map would be useful to US – to uplift and extend our networked work.  Such a map would be useful to our USERS – to follow and benefit from our networked connections.  So — I started a MAP.  Here’s a static image of what it looks like so far:

CommunityMap     What I really want is a WHITEBOARD for us to build this map collaboratively.  But I haven’t found one yet.  So here’s a link to a collaborative shared document – the good old fashion way.  CommunityMap 

We can build the map collaboratively, we just can’t SEE it as it evolves.  Open the document, use the draw tool, add hyperlinks.  (It would be so much more FUN if we could see it — but for now, maybe this is better than nothing.  One of us will figure out how to enable us to see it :))

Those of us who work to engage Web2.0 tools and use these tools to promote social good — are ourselves a Learning Community.  We are learning how to use these tools ourselves; how to promote the use of these tools within the nonprofit community to do more good better.  The more we can learn about and from one another, the more effective we will be in our common work. 

Elearners respond favorably to, and increasingly expect, visual presentation of content and graphical, as opposed to text-based, interaction.  Yet, many of the Web2.0 ways for connecting and organizing learning networks are text-based.  For example, Technorati or tags and folksonomies.  Via tagging systems, we can find like-minded folks who are working in related areas — but the connections are represented by words. 

I believe our effort to work together more effectively would be greatly aided by a similar grassroots collaboratively built VISUAL system of connecting and a VISUAL representation of who we are and what we do.


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