What does an Elearning Community look like?

How would elearners themselves express what it looks like?  Here’s one:

LCWhiteboard   One of my all time favorite images.  This image was constructed synchronously and collaboratively by a cohort of online learners — and well nigh ‘furiously’ I might add.  Along with the Chat running below the whiteboard image – running so fast and so far to the right that you couldn’t keep up.

The starter image presented was the intersecting circles inside the box.  Representing the interaction among ‘course’ content, other learners, external resources, etc.  Clearly – the elearners are saying most of the learning takes place outside the box.  Most of the learning takes place is unstructured ways.  The learning process goes back and forth among content, other learners, external resources along unpredictable, often frustrating, definitely nonlinear pathways.  Learning one thing leads to another question leads to another learning…and sometimes to something concrete you can put in another box.

I’ve shared this image with a few other people – they don’t even think its interesting, let alone feel the powerful emotions and insights expressed in this imaage.  Now that its static and preserved – so much of what it really means is gone – and we can only get that back if/when we do it again.  When we got done making this picture — I absolutely had to preserve it — I was on such a euphoric high over what we had just made together.

What have your experiences been with elearning communities? 

What have you captured with regard to what they look like, how they work, how it feels to be a part of such a community? 

Tell me.  Leave a comment:)


3 Responses to “What does an Elearning Community look like?”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Sandra: I had to Google you to find this blog, I hope you are the person who wrote the nice comments on my post.

    I have been digging around your blog and your wiki. I need to sit with these ideas and tools more to figure out how I can apply these ideas to my own work.

    This post, in particular caught my eye and had me thinking about the difference between the process of learning and the end-product. Sometimes, as in the picture above, the end-product is not the point of the exercise and will really only have meaning to the participants.

    “You just had to be there….”

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