Learning from World of Warcraft


What do Social Entrepreneurs and Night Elf Druids have in common?

Learning from Each Other = That’s What

WoWwiki  World of Warcraft wiki is a great example of how a wiki can be constructed collaboratively to improve practice.

For example, the Community Portal Page includes a “Things To Do” list and a “Collaborative Projects” list.  Community members create the lists of things to do and collaborative projects to accomplish — made out of the things that matter to them.

The WoW wiki has evolved over time to become what it is now.  Now,  it has value for its members.  But they had to start somewhere.  They had to start at the beginning.  Just like we do.  They are a model of what we can become = an organized, structured, collaborative learning community.

They didn’t start out organized and structured.  They started out in chaos — just like we are.  They started out not knowing what they would become — just like we are.  We might not end up like they did.  But they are a an excellent model of what a community can do with a wiki tool for sharing knowledge and enhancing practice.


Another example: Kaliope’s blog is dedicated to enhancing the tradeskills of skinner, leatherworker, fishing, cooking, and first aid for World of Warcraft gamers.  It is one of the fastest growing blogs on wordpress.

Check out this post and comments regarding “jewel-making recipes.” 

What if social entrepreneurs discuss “earned income profit-making recipes” in the same way?


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  3. Mohammad Farzan Hussain Says:

    nice share.

  4. Mohammad Farzan Hussain Says:

    nice article. i like it.

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