Redesign PlayTest — Ready to Play

You are Cordially Invited

to PlayTest

the second iterative redesign of SElearninggames


Working Draft Scrn ShtThe redesigned SElearninggames wraps recognizable rules of game play around wiki and and blog tools to get us started making the elearning game together. Rounds and moves of game activities enable us to discover our common questions and common answers about nonprofit earned income venture profitability.

Our common questions and our common answers are the “meat & potatoes” elearning game content. Day-to-day, social entrepreneurs face operational and management questions that require balance between mission and money objectives. By sharing our questions, we can discover the key questions we have in common. We share our answers – we discover our common answers.

The relationship between our common questions and our common answers are the learning game “rules of play.” These rules of play arise straight out of our collective experience — when we see that ‘when you do “X”, then “Y” happens.’ The rules of play are the strategic meta-pattern solutions to our profitability problems.

Our first Question is about our Questions!

What is the key question balancing mission/money that YOU know nonprofit social entrepreneurs are asking about day-to-day operations, management, or feasibility of an earned income venture?

So – the answers to our first question are questions.

We are integrating a tool that enables us to generate and rate our questions. The top three questions will be popped back into the tool to generate and rate our answers. We can use this blog to discuss, refine, flesh out our questions/answers, problems/solutions. We use the wiki as the long-term repository of what we are discovering — creating the “paper & pencil” version of our elearning game design.

Come on over and play

See how you can share your questions.

See how you can share your answers.

See how we can discover what we have in common.

See how you can use the relationships we discover about what we have in common to increase the profitability of your own nonprofit earned income venture.

You can go directly from this blog post to enter your question.

You can put your question into a comment to this post for further discussion.

This is us — making the game together — as we play.


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